Solutions made for

teachers and students

we are providing an unique solutions based on paper and pen.  enabling paper to capture what’s written opens up tons of opportunities for teachers and students to blend their learning/teaching experience with a modern technology and analog.

Our Solutions

Our solutions is based on Ncode technology that enables paper into a digitizing surface

Flipped learning

PaperTube app is designed to make student explainer video easy. They don’t need extensive knowledge about the tools, all you have to do is to write down your ideas on paper notebook and focus on your explanation

Student accessibility service

Neo smartpen and notebook make you capture your lecture effortlessly.


make short explain video easy with PaperTube. You don’t need have a heavy equipment or editing software for your lecture video.

Blended learning

Combining analog way of learning/teaching with a modern technology. it means you can keep your way of teaching/learning with pen&paper with digital conveniences.

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