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Note taking is easier than ever.

Neo smartpen and notebook make you capture your lecture effortlessly.

A code pattern is printed in a normal paper. it enables Smartpen to capture your writing and digitize instantly.

students with learning disabilities can benefit from using assistive and instructional technologies to support content and skill acquisition. Neo smartpen has features that can be beneficial for students who struggle with comprehension, note taking, and organization. 

Since Neo smartpen provides the ability to record a lecture and sync one’s own notes to the audio recording. Peer note taker can easily capture the entire lecture which enable the recipients to grasp the better understanding of what happened in the classroom.

Benefit of smartpen

Now, you have two copies.

Your handwritten notes on paper instantly digitized and save in your phone or tablet. Now you have two copies. One in your notebook, so you can flip through your lecture and another in your phone ready to go online.

Capture with voice

Capture entire lecture.

When you are in a lecture , the app enables to record it without missing any words. The lecture and what’s recorded can be replayed anytime. 

Benefit of smartpen

Save your time.

Scanning pages of notebooks is such a time consuming process. Sometimes the quality of scanned image is poor then you have to repeat the entire process.

Don’t spend your time in from of scanner, you can capture your lecture note with highest quality on the fly.  


fully compatible with your SAS notes portal.

Your handwritten notes on paper instantly digitized and save in your phone or tablet. Neo Notes, a companion app of Neo smartpen, provides PDF export. it means you can upload the lecture notes onto your SAS Note taking portal effortlessly.

Neo smartpen has been choosen from many universities as one of their assisstive tools for their students.

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Using Smartpens to Support Note-Taking Skills
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Not too bulky. Looks like a pen. Students with disabilities do not want to show they have disabilities by using too bulky visible pens. Neo smarten N2 looks like an ordinary pen. They love it.”

SAS program director

Martin P.


We serve 189 to 200 first generation, low income or disability students. I have always been a huge supporter of the Smart pens, especially because I was a user of one when I was a TRiO student going through my undergraduate degree.”

Instructional Support Coordinator

Philly S.


I work with students with disabilities and have recommended smartpens to hundreds of students.”

Assistive Technologist

Ashima  R.

Our vision

We Are Providing a Better Solution for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Though there are pros and cons to Handwriting vs. Laptop, studies lean towards recommending notebooks over laptops. Mueller and Oppenheimer took a comprehensive look at three separate studies, to test which was better. Their results suggested that students who took notes by hand performed better on conceptual tests, have an increased academic performance, and process the information more deeply than their laptop note-taking counterparts.

Education Discount

Institutions can qualify for significant discounts on multiple smartpen orders


Neo Smartpen

Neo smartpen is the slimmest optical pen in the world. Anyone can use it conveniently like a regular pen. Sensibly equipped with slim size, ergonomic grip, easy-to-change tip, and auto power-on at the moment of writing.

Neo Smartpen N2

11.5mm, 22g — slim Neo smartpen N2 is made of heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel that can withstand shocks and scratches. The pen body, in a trigonal prism shape, provides an ergonomic grip. Two stylish color options, titan black and silver white, are perfect for the users who love the reserved yet classy look.

Neo Smartpen M1/M1+

10.4mm, 17g — clad in five fancy colors and made of glass fiber, Neo smartpen M1 is as light as a regular pen. The lightweight, cylindrical body provides a comfortable grip. Young and trendy with a simple design, we recommend Neo smartpen M1 to the users who prefer the playful and casual style.



We have a wide range of notebooks available for students and educators including pocket sized books, A4/US Letter sized paper pads, and stylish journals. When used with Neo Smartpen, you can easily digitize your writing.

Companion Apps

Neo Notes

It is a free note taking app in conjunction with Neo Smartpen. it saves your notes on your device. you can also record handwriting sychronized with audio. there are many features that help stduent to capture and use their notes.

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